About Toyo Tires

About Us

Toyo Tires is one of the world’s leading tire manufacturers with subsidiaries or agents in over 100 countries and regions. We ake tire products for passenger vehicles, large vehicles such as SUVs, CUVs and pickup trucks as well as trucks and buses.
With a growing worldwide tire demand, the Toyo Tires Group is building a global production and supply system with the aim of ensuring a quick supply of products critical to each regional market.
To ensure consistent, high performance and quality anywhere, our unique philosophy is to continue to refine our technologies and then transplant the latest technology into our newly built plants.
Our unwavering policy is to deliver to the world the high performance and quality (Japanese quality) that we create as a Japanese tire manufacturer.


Distributor (Bangladesh)

  Company Name   White Products & Electronics Ltd.
  President   Mr. J. Ekram Hussain
  Established   17-July-1996
  Number of Employees   96
  Lines of Business   Manufacturing , Import , Export & Trading (different type Tire, Battery, Water Pump, Lub Oil ect)
  Locations   See Locations


TOYO TIRES brings surprise,
excitement and new sensations
to the world through our challenging spirit
and unique, innovative ideas.

There are no surprises on the ordinary roads we all know.
But it’s different on open roads undiscovered by others.
This is where we seek to identify and explore new paths.
This is where we look ahead to surprises, excitement, and new sensations.

TOYO TIRES is dedicated to keeping the fun in driving,
and to keeping inspiration alive in drivers.
TOYO TIRES is dedicated to tomorrow’s mobility
for everyone, on every road.

Times, vehicles, the world-
change is afoot everywhere.
But passion and the quest for joy in driving-
this will always be with us.

Together with every driver who loves driving
and cares about performance,
TOYO TIRES is on the move.