14 + 2 = bad luck luck for Baldwin

January 07, 2014

Adding insult to injury, Baldwins 82nd place finish after 8 hours , 28 minutes and 26 seconds of racing earned him a 2 hour penalty for late arrival. Having departed at 5.00AM for the 300km drive to the start, an understandably exhausted Baldwin and co-driver Cody were finally able to stop nearly 14 hours later.

Baldwin (and Chicherit) again suffered “vapor locks” where the fuel boils due to the extremel temperatures which were much higher than anything experienced whilst testing in ‘frosty’ California! The altitude is also an aggravating factor. The technical team is working flat out to find a solution for tomorrow’ stage. Despite the setbacks to overall race position, the team will be pushing evry day for strong individual performances in each stage.

Pictures from the stage are in the galery below now the photographer has also come in.

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