OEM Tyre Chart

TOYO TIRES is the tyre choice for a multitude of renowned car manufacturers around the world. Checkout the tyres based on the OEM categories here .


 Vehicle  Year Size Tyre Pattern
 TOYOTA VIOS  2023 195/60 R16  Proxes CR1 B
 TOYOTA YARIS 2019 195/50 R16  Proxes R50
 TOYOTA VELOZ  2022  205/50 R17  Proxes CR1 E
 TOYOTA VELLFIRE /TOYOTA   ALPHARD  2020  235/50 R18  Tranpath R30
 TOYOTA COROLLA CROSS  2022  225/50 R18 Proxes CR1 D
2022  215/60 R17  Proxes CR1 C
 TOYOTA FORTUNER  2016  265/65 R17  Open Country A34
2020 265/60 R18 Open Country H/T Z
 TOYOTA HILUX 2020  265/60 R18  Open Country H/T Z
2016  265/65 R17  Open Country A34




YearSizeTyre Pattern
MAZDA CX-30 2023 215/55R18 Proxes R56
MAZDA CX-30 2022 225/55R19 Proxes R46
MAZDA 6 SKYACTIV®-G 2.0L  2022 225/55R17Proxes R54A
 MAZDA CX-30 2020 215/55R18 Proxes R56
 MAXDA CX-3 2018 215/50 R18 Proxes R52A
 MAZDA CX-5 2017 225/55 R19 Proxes R46
 MAZDA 3 2.0 SKYACTIVE GL 2015 205/60 R16 Nanoenergy R38
 MAZDA CX-3 2015 215/50 R18 Proxes R40
 MAZDA CX-5 2013 225/55 R19 Proxes R36



 Vehicle  Year Size Tyre Pattern
  HONDA CITY  2020  185/55 R16  Proxes R57
  HONDA CRV  2017  235/60 R18  Proxes R45



Vehicle  Year Size Tyre Pattern
 PERODUA AXIA 2023  175/65 R14  Proxes CR1 F
 PERODUA ALZA  2022  195/60 R16  Proxes CR1 B



 Vehicle  Year Size Tyre Pattern
 MITSUBISHI XPANDER  2020  205/55 R16  Proxes CR1 A
 MITSUBISHI PAJERO SPORT  2017  265/60 R18 Open Country A32
 MITSUBISHI TRITON  2015  245/65 R17  Open Country A28



 Vehicle  Year Size Tyre Pattern
 NISSAN SERENA  2020 195/65 R15 Nanoenergy J66
 NISSAN NAVARA  2015  255/70 R16 Open Country A25
 NISSAN NAVARA  2015  255/60 R18 



Vehicle  Year Size Tyre Pattern
 ISUZU D-MAX 2016 255/60 R18 Open Country A33



Vehicle  Year Size Tyre Pattern
 LEXUS LM 350 2021 235/50 R18 Tranpath R30

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