Chicherit stopped at Km65 for 20 minutes now

January 08, 2014

Chicherit has been stopped now for 20minutes in today’s stage 4 of the 2014 Dakar. having come to a halt at 65Km, he has yet to continue the stage. It is to be hoped that he is not suffering a repeat of earlier fuelling problems.

The team reflected on these fuelling problems below after yesterdays improved results.

Eric Vigouroux – Team Principal
“Guerlain and Alex performed excellently today with the Chevrolet EVR VX 101, especially when we know that they took off in 25th position this morning and he had to overtake a good number of competitors in a thick dust.”

On the result he had more to say, “I ‘m really happy that we were able to demonstrate the potential of our brand new car after only 3 days of racing. This is very good sign for the future and is a true message of encouragement for my team! When we can solve our technical issues I am sure we can fight for podium spots. The rally is still long and everything can happen.”

“Both EVR Chevrolet’s suffered ‘vapor lock’ problems the first two days. Temperatures in Argentina are much higher than those encountered in testing in California and the altitude, with its lack of oxygen simply aggravates the problem. The technical team worked flat out to find a solution and it worked. The prospect of a final good outcome is far from certain, but things are beginning to look better.”

Guerlain Chicherit
“They were tough days. During the first two days we had to stop several times. We ended up finding an emergency solution. We rerouted the hose for the cooling of the brakes to the fuel pump. I have to be realistic. No great results for me now in the general ranking. We are way too far back to catch the guys in the top, but we will try to do our utmost. Maybe some surprises…..”

BJ Baldwin
“Back in the Bivouac after a long day. We had vapor locking issues for two day’s long. Vapor Lock is when the fuel gets too hot and starts boiling. When the fuel boils and starts bubbling it stops moving through the fuel pump and the engine doesn’t get any fuel. This set us back quite a bit, winning the Dakar Rally is impossible from our current position but we are going to take it one day at a time and get a solid finish. I hope to have a clean day without a major problem so I can prove that me and my car are really competitive.”

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