Nano Composite Polymer
1. Establishing New Processing Technology

We established new nano-processing technology with advanced filler dispersion.

Filler structure in the solid rubber is optimized before compound preparation in order to achieve high-level filler dispersion.
Nano Composite Polymer is an advanced filler dispersion processing method that cannot be obtained by conventional processing methods.

2. Achievement of Advanced Uniformity and Filler Dispersion -1

Raw materials including solid rubber and powdered fillers have been kneaded in the conventional processing method.
Conversely, the new processing method achieves advanced uniformity and dispersion of fillers by agitating and dehydrating liquid raw rubber and fillers.

3. Achievement of Advanced Uniformity and Filler Dispersion -2

High-level uniformity and dispersion of filler have been confirmed by nanoscopic analysis using SPring-8.

4. Higher Wear Resistance and Fuel-efficient Performance

Nano Composite Polymer enables the development of rubber materials that achieve both wear resistance and fuel efficiency at a higher level.
While maintaining wear resistance, we have succeeded in significantly suppressing the energy loss (tanδ) of the rubber compound.
The energy loss (tanδ) of rubber compound was also reduced by approximately 20% as compared to the conventional processing method.

5. Improved Rolling Resistance

The use of Nano Composite Polymer also improves rolling resistance.

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