April 04, 2022

SHAH ALAM, MARCH 2022: The Malaysian off-roading scene is set to welcome the unveiling of the Toyo Open Country R/T tyre, a new addition to the Toyo Open Country line up of 4×4 & SUV tyres.

Designed specifically to cater for a growing niche of drivers who are looking for more balance out of their off-road tyres, the Open Country R/T is designed not only to offer off-road performance, but also on-road comfort without compromising tread wear life.

This is the result of a hybrid design that combines the best features of the M/T & the A/T tyre patterns into one tyre in order to enhance off road performance while still offering good mileage & lower road noise. The tyre features are explained below

A/T Design

The Open Country R/T tread pattern integrates the Optimized pattern arrangement similar to the Open Country A/T plus. Consisting of block distribution with variable pitch size, L-shaped interlocking blocks & shoulder blocks and sipes, the pattern provides better wear life, prevents irregular wear and offers low noise levels. In addition, step block edges also help improve initial traction as well, providing good on road performance.

M/T Design

For off-road performance, the Open Country R/T also features a few design characteristics from the Open Country M/T that is designed specifically for off road handling and performance. The use of wide shoulder & scallop shoulder lugs and mud craw biting rock in the pattern provides the needed traction on off-road surfaces, as well as the displacement of mud. In addition, the prominent lateral groove design of the tread pattern provides better off-road traction. Stone ejectors are also incorporated in the pattern to assist in the displacement of mud & stones from the tyre.

“The combination of the two features produces a tyre with the robust capability to tackle off-road situations, and the docility required for comfortable on-road travels,” says Masaomi Kono, Vice President, Sales and Marketing of Toyo Tyre Sales And Marketing Malaysia Sdn Bhd . “The hybrid design of the Open Country R/T is definitely an ideal fit to meet the demands of drivers looking for both off-road performance without compromising on-road comfort,”

Tan Song Chye, President/Managing Director of Toyo Tyre Sales And Marketing Malaysia Sdn Bhd, said: “The Open Country R/T tyre is the ideal tyre for those looking for the aggressive off-road looks of the Open Country M/T and the on-road comfort that the Open Country A/T plus offers, all in one tyre. Thanks to the use of Toyo Tires’ in house design technology such as Nano Balance & T-Mode technology, we are able to combine the best features of the M/T & A/T tyre and merge it into one.”

The new Open Country R/T tyres are available in 19 sizes, starting from RM 460 Recommended Retail Price (Peninsular Malaysia).To find out more, visit, or any Toyo Centres and Silverstone Centres throughout Malaysia.


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