May 20, 2023

GENTING, 20 May 2023: Toyo Tyre Sales and Marketing Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Toyo Tires) is proud to unveil the new Proxes Sport 2. Designed with the latest tyre technology, these innovative tyres cater to a wide range of driving enthusiasts, ensuring exceptional performance, safety, and durability.

The Proxes Sport 2 offers two excellent features that set it apart from its predecessor: precise handling and exceptional wet grip. The tyre’s precise handling enables drivers to navigate corners with ease, while its exceptional wet grip provides superior traction on wet roads, ensuring maximum safety and stability even in challenging weather conditions.

This latest tyre features a unique asymmetrical design pattern optimized for both wet and dry conditions. Its advanced asymmetric tread compound ensures precise handling cornering stability and improves wet traction.

In addition to its ground-breaking performance, the Proxes Sport 2 is built with advanced materials that improve performance. The tyres were crafted with the perfect compound providing drivers with a balanced grip for a comfortable and safe driving experience.

Mr. Tan Song Chye, President/Managing Director of Toyo Tyre Sales and Marketing Malaysia Sdn Bhd, said: “the Proxes Sport 2 is optimised for the high torque powertrains, to deliver an exciting ride for all sports drivers. With our commitment to innovation and excellence, we are confident that this series of tyres will quickly become a top choice for drivers seeking an ultra-high-performance tyre.”

Available in 31 sizes, the Proxes Sport 2 accommodates a range of vehicles, from the C-segment (including the compact executive segment) to F-segment classes. Malaysian customers can purchase the Proxes Sport 2 at any of the Toyo Centres, with prices ranging from RM700 to RM1,300 per tyre, depending on the size.

Learn more about the available sizes for Proxes Sport 2 here


Toyo Tires also recently launched the Open Country A/T III (OPA/T 3), an all-terrain tyre with increased lateral grooves for improved off-road traction, even in challenging conditions. This versatile tyre is designed to handle both on and off-road adventures, catering to various driving preferences.

This all-terrain tyre features an aggressive tread pattern that provides excellent traction on various surfaces, including dirt and gravel. The OPA/T 3 also incorporates Toyo's proprietary T-Mode technology and Nano Balance technology, offering a balance between comfort and performance.

The OPA/T 3 are available in 14 sizes, with prices ranging from RM500 to RM1,200 per tyre, depending on the size.

As the Malaysian automotive market continues to evolve, Toyo Tyres remains committed to delivering innovative, high-quality products to meet the diverse needs of consumers. This dedication to excellence is evident in the launch of the Proxes Sport 2 and OPA/T 3, offering drivers an unparalleled driving experience.

For more information on the Open Country A/T III, please visit here

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